I am oh-so-ready to start gardening! Come on, sun!

A couple weekends ago, my dear friend Nicole visited and helped me clear out a garden patch at our new home.

future ginger patch

And now:

Everything is so lush in that first photo! Soon enough. Now, what’s going in the garden?

Last Sunday Matt and I picked up some asparagus and rhubarb crowns, seed potatoes, and blackberry and raspberry canes from Lowe’s. I can’t wait to get them in the ground. I was encouraged by our co-op president, Bob Waldrop, to go get the cane fruits from Lowe’s because now is the time to plant these and they are a good deal at $5/plant. I had never heard the term “cane fruit.” From Wikipedia: They are perennial plants that typically bear biennial stems (“canes”) from the perennial root system. And since I have no idea how to grow cane fruits, I found this fact sheet [PDF] from the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service. Their collection of fact sheets has been so helpful on several occasions. They also have one on asparagus culture for the home garden. And after reading Barbara Kingsolver’s description of growing asparagus in Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, I am anxious to start a patch of my own “edible incarnation of the spring equinox.”

I don’t think I’ve ever anticipated spring quite this much. I am quite fond of this quote by Ellis Peters: “Every spring is the only spring—a perpetual astonishment.” So, year after year, spring continues to tease and every year I think “I can’t wait for spring.” The truth is, I get excited about each coming season; it always comes right when I need it. Or, maybe it’s that I need it because I know it’s coming? Lucky for me, Mother Nature never fails to impress and amaze. Of course, it’s hard to think about this without a twinge of sadness about the possibility that Mother Nature may be getting confused. Sorry about the downer.

Signs of spring ’round here:

One thought on “Anticipation

  1. Wow! I’m quite impressed. My tiny herb garden (read: one pot) has miraculously reappeared; however, I credit that to luck, not my mediocre gardening skillz.

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