Put A Wedge In It

A new pizza place has come to town. It’s The Wedge Pizzeria on Western. There’s been a little buzz on account of the locally sourced ingredients, the brick oven in what used to be a salon, and the atypical/gourmet toppings. My waitress didn’t know the specifics of the local ingredients—just that when they get them, they come from Farmer John. If the restaurant is going to promote (either directly through ads or indirectly through newspaper articles) its local, seasonal veggies, the staff need to know how to talk about it. Granted, I did visit the restaurant in late January, when not a lot of the ingredients they need are in season. And I think most people will understand that. I just wish they would be forward with the information, especially when the mention of local ingredients might be what got the person in the door. But, that wasn’t entirely the case for me. I’m always up for good pizza, local ingredients or not.

And the pizza was good. We got the Italian Stallion, which had Italian sausage, fennel, red wine tomato sauce, and probably other ingredients I can’t remember. I don’t know why, since there was plenty of cheese, but there was no goo-factor. It was a fresh-feeling pizza; not one that bogs you down. Don’t get me wrong, I like gooey cheese, but this type is good, too. Especially when you have a full night ahead of you.

They serve Choc, which is nice, but we opted for Flying Dog lager from Denver. It’d be nice if they got some local wines. All the prep is done in the dining room and it’s cool to watch the dude sliding the pies in the brick oven.

One gripe: the staff loiters.

the wedgethe wedge

the wedge

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