Summer Preview

This past Sunday was gorgeous. I think it was around 70°, blue skies, light breeze. When it came time for supper, we decided to break out the grill. Earlier in the day, I took some pork steaks out of the freezer, but didn’t think to marinate them. So, I just dashed them with some ginger juice and sprinkled the mystery spices that Matt picked up at a mafia front on his way to Sonora, Texas. He says the seasoning mix is from a place pronounced McLix, but has no idea how to spell it Mikulik Sausage in San Angelo. Either way, the seasoning is great on eggs, meatloaf, and now pork steaks. And even though the steaks weren’t marinated, this mixture of ginger and seasoning, along with quality meat (and quality grilling *wink*), was superb!

While Matt grilled the pork, I mixed up the handy, boxed mango salsa couscous. I know, tough work!

We also had a salad and some mango chutney. Oh my!, a little couscous, chutney, and pork on my fork tasted delicious!

And what the heck! If we’re having a much-needed preview of summer, we may was well bust out the cachaca and make some caipirinhas! Yeee-ow!

grilled pork steak

3 thoughts on “Summer Preview

  1. While everything looks and sounds wonderful, I’m going to have to say STAY AWAY from the cachaca. That drink will mess you up! Or it messes me up..on many occassion. 🙂

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