Saucy Lady

I’m a little late in posting, but last Wednesday was pizza night. It came together nicely; we used ground sausage left over from making stuffed acorn squash, caramelized onion, goat cheese crumbles, and a little mozzarella, all on top of an amended version of my canned tomato sauce and the trusty whole-wheat dough from Earth Elements Farm.

It dawned on my why the sauce is so runny! I used the wrong type of tomato. Sometimes I think I am inexplicably wise and dismiss instructions because (in the zeal of the moment) I doubt they are founded on anything besides mere preference. Ah, foolish confidence!

Well, here I am a complete novice food preserver, and I decide to use the generic, red, round tomato since that was all that was available through the Co-op. Had I opted for a paste tomato, such as a Roma, my virgin tomato sauce would be just that—a sauce, rather than a soup!

So, instead, I add a little canned tomato paste to my too-runny sauce and make do. The pizza was delicious along with the red wine we picked up at the Summerside Winery on our way home from Missouri over Thanksgiving. We tasted several types, but the Route 66 Red was our favorite.

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