sweet sour salty bitter


Monday was a chilly day, so it was super nice to come home to some awesome chicken curry that had been slow cooking all day.Curry and Chutney

Matt had the day off so he prepped the chicken from Walter’s Hatchery (whose heritage breed turkeys are highly recommended by the Cook’s Illustrated staff). The chicken, carrots, onions, celery, curry powder, raisins, and apples cooked for six hours to meld into a flavorful, belly-warming concoction.
We had it atop mango couscous, along with some persimmon chutney and pickle. The canned pickle was absolutely horrendous. blech! It tasted tin-y; maybe there was some chemical reaction between the can and the vinegar? I made the persimmon chutney ahead of time and it is *ahem* an acquired taste. It’s just so very tart.

:: persimmons
:: lemons marinated overnight in apple-cider vinegar
:: garlic
:: chili sauce
:: ginger
:: salt
:: sugar
:: oil

The chutney cooked on the stove top for about two hours. It turned from frothy sherbet orange to a coral red. I love it when that happens.

If anyone has any suggestions on what to eat with this cheek-sucking-tart chutney, please share!

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