Von Trattoria

Last night Matt and I had a night on the town.  We worked up an appetite after spending the day in a futile attempt to corral leaves.  Today it looks as if we did nothing in the yard.

After cleaning up, we headed downtown to Trattoria il Centro (we really need to branch out) to dine before seeing the Von Trapp Grandchildren at the OKC Civic Center.

We both made our menu choices, but were tempted with the specials our waiter presented.

I splurged on the medium-rare ahi tuna wrapped in prosciutto on top of sautéed portabella caps, green beans, and a sage butter sauce. The meat was very good, but the mushrooms were wonderful.  I could have easily done without the meat with instead a lot more of the delicious shrooms.  And it would have been a LOT cheaper!

Matt had the bone-in pork chop with an herb rub.  Accompanied with black kale, peas, and sweet carrots.

I was an expensive date as I didn’t bother to ask about the price of the tuna special.  *eeep*

Oh, well.  It was a pricey dinner, but the quality food and ambiance were almost worth it.  Plus, we were super close to the civic center.

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