Sunday Breakfast

Well, since our discovery of Eggs Benedict at Coltrane Café, Matt has been itching to create his own. We used the ubiquitous Bed, Bath, & Beyond coupon to buy this. We didn’t really know what we were getting into, and in the middle of the very involved breakfast preparations, we decided the Eggs Benedict should be reserved for Coltrane Café. But, now I see these pictures and think, perhaps it was worth it.

Matt poached the eggs, while I made the Hollandaise sauce and dutifully stirred it. Hollandaise is an odd thing—just butter (1 stick!), lemon juice, and egg yolks. I saw a much more elaborate recipe that called for several herbs, mayonnaise, and a double boiler, but we chose simplicity for the first time.

Considering there were a couple of times when I thought we were going to scrap it and have shredded wheat for breakfast, I think it turned out very good!

Eggs Benedict

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