Well, since the kitchen is in a state of flux (read: disaster) due to somestupidpeoplethatputwallpaperdirectlyonthedrywall (whew!), Tricia the Red hasn’t had time, nor the inclination, to do much in the kitchen. Last night we picked up a prepared hot meal from Harvestyme Bakery. It’s a Berocks, or a German sandwich with ground sirloin, Bavarian style sauerkraut, and onion sautéed with bacon, encased in a whole-wheat rye bun. Warm and flavorful, washed down with a swig of Shiner, this hit the spot and forestalled the ripping and screaming of the wallpaper removal process. Oh, and the ooey-gooey raspberry brownie helped a little, too. Nothing like a little stress eating.

2 thoughts on “Berocks

  1. I love Berocks! My grandma makes the best. She puts them in her own homemade dough and bakes them to a fluffy goodness. Take them out of the oven steaming hot, slap on some butter and salt and pepper and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I just made another batch.. I grew up in Fresno, CA with our church at Harvey/Millbrook corner, making and selling them. We loved to take them in our lunches or on an outing..and now I am old, retired, I still make them, freeze and eat as much as possible. Happy to hear your grandma makes them. I also make my dough with dry yeast and fill with cooked cabbage/ ground chuck, onions….and Worcester sauce, as they were served when I was a kid.
    Am super interested in your Grandmother’s filling recipe.& the butter thing is a bit different too! Judy 918 931 8910

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