.Beans and Rice with a Twist.

Both were flavored with copious amounts of minced garlic and ginger. The cooking technique for the rice was a first for me: oven-cooked rice. Mmmm, and it was perfect! The recipe called for boiling broth, ginger, and soy sauce, adding it to browned garlic and rice, and then putting that in the oven for about twenty minutes.

Cooks’ Illustrated tried several methods for getting the best flavor out of roasted green beans, and imparted their invaluable knowledge in a thorough article in an issue of their fantastic magazine. There are no ads, and therefore, no self-censorship when it comes to product recommendations. I haven’t yet convinced myself that I need a subscription because there is still so much information to absorb from my one free issue.

I had never cooked fresh green beans before and didn’t really know how to snap them. I’ve seen it done in movies a few times, though, so that helped. It is satisfying when they have that perfect pop when the stem end is snapped off. Others sort of gave a rubbery tear.

Our home was filled with a delicious ginger-garlic aroma. And we finished up supper just in time for the trick-or-treaters, candy-eaters, and mischief-makers.

beans and rice with a twist

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