Bison, it’s what’s for dinner.

Last weekend my parents visited, so I planned a meal that would show off some Oklahoma foods, and be easy to prepare.

Buffalo chipotle lime roast cooked all day in the slow cooker. I have never cooked a roast before, and I wasn’t even sure I liked roast. I sprinkled salt and pepper all over the hunk of meat, then slathered it with a mixture of a chili citrus sauce and spicy honey mustard. Then I added some chopped up potatoes and onions and submerged all of that with vegetable broth. And that’s that. After eight hours, the meat fell apart into tender strips and the aroma was enticing.

We also had some stuffed jalapeños, corn, pinto beans, tortillas, and cilantro pesto.

It turns out that I do like roast and my parents had a pleasant first experience with buffalo. And to think: it’s better for you than other meats. Incredible!

The stuffed peppers were delicious and sometimes surprisingly hot. Speaking of surprises, dear readers, learn from my experience and don’t overindulge in the stuffed peppers.

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