Sunday in the Kitchen


Persimmons from Emerald Acres. This is the first time I have ever had persimmons. They taste like a really sweet, mild orange. The seeds are pretty big—bigger than watermelon seeds—for such a small fruit.

Chocolate chip scones from Harvestyme Bakery. It kinda looks like a biscuit with gravy in the photo, but it’s a sweet, crumbly scone that is complimented by a cuppa joe.

Scrambled up some eggs from Rowdy Stickhorse.


.Pickling Okra: Third Time’s A Charm?.
I have a driving desire to make an excellent batch of pickled okra. I kind of winged it with the ingredients in the first batch, not really understanding their role in the canning process. The second batch was bland. And the third batch…will hopefully be (*fingers crossed*) just right!

I got the okra from Sunrise Acres. And picked up some dried Thai Dragon chili peppers at the Edmond Farmers’ Market for 50¢.



.Crook-Neck Custard Casserole.

I had a bunch of yellow squash and this recipe used it all up. The blanched squash is mixed with milk, egg, parsley, butter, sugar, salt, and chopped onion. Then topped with bread crumbs, white cheddar, and bacon. My intention was to make this for a quick supper tomorrow, but Matt insisted we eat it tonight because after smelling it, he couldn’t not have any.

So, we had some casserole, salad, and oat bran toast (a new offering from Harvestyme).

Crook Neck Custard Casserole

2 thoughts on “Sunday in the Kitchen

  1. Glad to hear that the persimmons are good. They are a native plant in Central Texas so I’m hoping to score a persimmon tree in the near future. You copied me, chocolate chip scone! As for the okra: I’m going to try that pretty soon. Dave is *hopefully* picking up some mustard seed and dried peppers today. I guess I could try drying out some jalapenos I got in the last CSA…
    I’m glad we are doing this together! 🙂

  2. Maybe some of the persimmon seeds will take off in the compost pile and we can grow a tree.

    That’s pretty crazy that we both had chocolate chip scones! What are the chances? I mean, it’s not like we both had pancakes or something.

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