Back to Trattoria

We didn’t waste any time getting back to Trattoria. Matt and I had some time to waste yesterday, so we decided to go there for supper.

After taking our order, the waiter brought some cannellini bean spread and placed a piece of focaccia on each of our plates. Soon he brought water and Anchor Steam Liberty Ale. A roaming server replenished the bread from a basket on her arm.

They just released their fall menu, so I guess they make an attempt to work with the season’s bounty. I had to get all the seasons in one with the four seasons pizza, the Quattro Stagioni. The server brought it out and then broke the sunny-side-up egg that was placed on top of the pizza. Using a fork and knife, he spread the yolk around. He explained that the Quattro Stagioni is traditional Roman fare, and the mellow flavor of the egg balances the salty ingredients: proscuitto, wild mushrooms, kalamata olives, artichoke hearts, garlic, and cheese. Did I mention that I like strong flavors?

Matt got the Linguini Carbonara L’Origianal. He said that it was bland, save for the bites with bits of applewood-smoked bacon. Always one to give sage advice, I told him he should just make sure every bite has a bit of bacon. I tried a bite, and the bacon was incredibly flavorful. The moment I closed my mouth around the fork, I was overwhelmed with the smoky flavor. Wow!

Our waiter creatively wrapped my leftover pizza and we made our way home.

2 thoughts on “Back to Trattoria

  1. That pizza looks freakin’ awesome!!! I’ve had four seasons pizza once but this one sounds 10x better (although the first one crafted my taste for anchovies!) I like the foil rose but where’s the pizza?? How did the egg taste on the pizza?? We MUST go there when we visit! 🙂
    PS: love that they are seasonal too!

  2. Yeah, it’s difficult to tell, but the pizza is in the foil at the bottom.

    The egg on the pizza was good and just like the waiter said, it did have a mellowing effect.

    Hmmm, if we keep this up, we’ll be eating the entire time you’re here. =D

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