Improvisational Pesto

The first time I made pesto, I prepared by consulting my experienced cook friend, did online research, and measured the ingredients. The result was quite good.

Then I improvised with cilantro. Fajitas + cilantro pesto = damn good.

As I got more confident, I just started guessing with the ratios and I’ve come to the conclusion that pesto is basically foolproof. How can the combination of these simple ingredients ever turn out bad? Once I even forgot to add garlic (must have been the wine) and it was still good.

Saturday I harvested some basil. The last three times I’ve done this, I thought, “Here’s the last basil harvest…” Perhaps this one truly was the last.
I toasted some pine nuts from a jar I keep in the freezer. I stocked up once when those pricey little suckers were on clearance.

I used the mini-food processor to chop the garlic cloves, nuts, and basil. Then, I stirred up that mixture with some olive oil and parmesan cheese.

Since I seem to make up the pesto when it isn’t meal time, I use a ice cube tray to freeze the pesto in a handy size for later use.

Toasting pine nuts

makin' pesto
pesto cubes

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