A perfect day for a picnic.

Early in the day it was pretty steamy, and then the sky turned gray and impending. Happily, by the time we got to the picnic, the weather was perfect.

The Annual Slow Food Picnic is held at the Harn Homestead. $25/person is kinda steep for a picnic, but this is not a typical picnic. Local chefs cook up local food and offer it up in small portions, which allow picnickers to try a little of everything. There were mini burgers, buffalo ribs, sweet potato salad, deviled eggs, sweet pepper relish, hot dogs, chicken-fried steak, a different (and better) take on cole slaw, watermelon, potato salad, and cookies. Mmmm…yes, and also free-flowing wine and Choc beer. Unfortunately, I don’t think the wines were local; not sure why not.

Local farmers and ranchers chatted with guests about the menu and how people can partake of Oklahoma foods as a common occurrence, not just at a novel, yearly event. The Sustainable OKC, the Oklahoma Food Co-op, and Slow Food OKC were a few of the metro organizations soliciting interest in activities, membership, and volunteer opportunities.

It was an honor to speak with some of the producers that we buy from every month through the Co-op. In fact, I just made pancakes this morning with the whole wheat from the Gosney’s farm. I told the folks from Wagon Creek Creamery that last weekend I introduced my brother to actual whipped cream. They got a kick out of that.

Slow Food Picnic

One thought on “A perfect day for a picnic.

  1. Yum yum!!! Sounds great.
    We start our CSA this weekend!! Can’t wait…but I will probably be calling on you for support and freezing tips. 🙂

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