Hump-Day Supper

Pretty and Yummy!

Wednesday night I didn’t feel like spending a lot of time on supper, so I got creative…

I toasted two slices of whole-wheat bread from Harvestyme Bakery and smothered them with mascarpone cheese and ginger spread. In no time at all, I was enjoying a delicious and uncommon mixture of flavors.

The mild cheese is a perfect balance for the sweet ginger spread. I love the surprise of a crunchy morsel of crystallized ginger in the mostly grainy jelly-like texture of the spread.

This container of mascarpone is the first I’ve ever purchased. I was looking for a creamy cheese to pair with the ginger spread and decided to splurge on the mascarpone since I’ve heard great things about it. And I just found out that it is the creamy component in tiramisu! Yummmm…tiramisu…

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