Dried Tomatoes

This summer I delved into food preservation. So far, I have roasted, froze, and canned tomatoes. Yesterday I decided to try out drying them.

Still at $1.69/pound, these local tomatoes are the same price as their conventionally grown Canadian counterpart, and more than $1/pound less than the vine-ripened Green Giant tomatoes available at the big box grocer.

After reading a few different takes on how to oven-dry tomatoes, I just combined the knowledge and went at it. I uniformly sliced the tomatoes (perhaps too thin; will take note of this for next time), placed them on cookie sheets, drizzled them with olive oil, and sprinkled them with Italian herbs.

I cooked them in a 200˚ oven for hours and hours; probably around 8 hours total. Some slices were wasted because they basically baked to the sheet.

After cooling, I used a spatula to place them in a jar. Then, I covered them with olive oil to preserve them. They taste similar to sun-dried tomatoes, but I had to cover them in oil because they were not completely dehydrated. They look very pretty! I can’t wait to have them on a pizza!

TomatoesDried tomatoes










Dried tomatoes packed in oil

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