Irma’s got the cure

#31 of the 100 Oklahoma foods to try before you die: the NoName Burger at Irma’s Burger Shack

Irma’s slogan is:
“ain’t nothin’ a good burger and a cold beer can’t cure”

I tested this out again tonight. And, yep, it’s still true.

She’s opened a new location in the renovated Plaza Court building, but we went to the old shack by Chesapeake Energy. It was a perfect night for porch-sittin’. But, be sure to check inside because there are great old photos and an awesome vintage pie safe.

Matt and I each had a NoName Burger and shared fried okra. I kept the burger dry because I wanted to really taste the meat. When eating meat, I normally don’t stop mid-bite, and exclaim, “This is so freaking good!” Cheese or chocolate, sure, but not usually meat. But, this burger is tender, juicy, flavorful—just delicious! The buns are very good, too. Soft and fluffy, they remind me of potato rolls.

To drink, I had #71 on the list: Choc beer
Brought in a ice cold bottle with a chilled glass. That’s the way to do it.

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