1) An unsuccessful supper.

The menu was kind of bleak to start with, but when the sole side dish sucked, the dinner went to pot. We grilled up eight marinated chicken breasts on Sunday and the remaining two needed to be eaten tonight. Accompanying the chipotle-marinated chicken was white bean puree with rosemary. I cooked the beans two nights ago to shorten the preparation time. We were going to eat it last night, but plans changed.

So, I get home and get out the beans. I eat one and it has a slight crunch to it…not a good sign. I attempt to use the mixer to “puree” them because our food processor is mini and I’ve previously tried to use the blender to puree beans and that was way more trouble than it’s worth. Not to my surprise, the mixer method failed. Oh, well: white bean al dente with rosemary.

Matt and I choked it down while discussing quotes for getting our air conditioner fixed.

2) A highly anticipated package arrived.

A couple of weeks ago, I spontaneously placed an order with The Ginger People. I don’t even remember how I came across the company now, but I am so glad I did! I learned about the company when bought a snack pack of ginger chews from the check-out line at Target. I love ginger. I love the way it tastes and I love how it warms my belly. And it may even be good for me. I just called them yesterday to check on the package. “Anticipation…anticipa-a-a-tion…”

I happily unpacked my ginger beer, crystallized ginger, ginger juice, ginger ‘gizer, pickled ginger, ginger spread, and ginger hard candies. Did I mention that I love ginger? teehee. Well, perhaps I went a little overboard, but I figured that since this is so-not-local, I should get the most bang for my food-miles? Errr…sure, that’s it.

I can’t wait to try the ginger spread with some soft cheese and crackers. Or the ginger juice in a salad dressing. And the pickled ginger for when I am craving something strong-flavored. Oh, the possibilities!

I’m excited to support my ginger habit by growing my own! I know the perfect spot.

Yoga Guy
Two loves: ginger and yoga.

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