Got boba?

Matt and I had several errands to run after work, so we decided to go out for supper. Where to go? Well, there’s this little cafe I had noticed while running errands in town. It’s in a strip mall to the west of Target in Edmond. It stands out from the neighboring retail chains with its bold green sign in all-caps: THE TAO CAFE. Intriguing, indeed.

The decor is crisp and simple. Lime green walls with thick orange stripes. There is a boba (aka bubble or pearl tea) bar where I noticed OCU students popping in to order. Glossy magazines are spread on a coffee table in front of a solid, red sofa. These colors sound garish, but they pull it off pretty well.

Matt and I shared the mocha frappe with boba, or tapioca balls. We slurped ’em up through a big, fat straw. It was so good! It was odd and satisfying to get a chewy bit along with the icy chocolate.

The menu is about half rice and noodle options; the other half is comprised of interesting beverages: teas, frappes, slushes, and milks. They have a seasonal watermelon + milk drink and an avocado + milk drink! Neato! An overwhelming amount of flavors (coconut, key lime, ginger, chocolate, cappuccino, etc.) to be enjoyed in different forms.

We ordered dumplings as an appetizer. They were pretty good, but it’s the sauce that made them delicious. Matt got General Tso’s Chicken Rice Box. This came out on a nice big tray with the nifty compartments, like what you get in some sushi restaurants. One compartment for the chicken, another for the rice, another for the egg drop soup, spring roll, and crab rangoon.

I ordered the Ma Po To Fu. The spicy stew was served in a wide, shallow bowl, with steamed rice sprinkled with black sesame seeds.

The food was good, and I had enough left for lunch tomorrow. They didn’t have the usual offering of vegetarian options most Asian restaurants have. The Ma Po To Fu had pork in it. But, the waitress warned me of that. Oh, and that was another nice thing: the wait staff was very friendly. They seemed genuinely happy to be there and like they were sharing food and experience with guests, not merely waiting on them.

The Tao Cafe is a nice option to have in Edmond. I can see myself spending some time there reading while sipping one of their interesting beverages.

2 thoughts on “Got boba?

  1. This place reminds me of a nicer version of my favorite Taiwanese restaurant: Coco’s Cafe. Yum!! I’m not a fan of Boba but I do love the mocha drinks there and have always been interested to try bubble tea. As for the food: sounds delicious!! Can we go, pretty please?? 🙂

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