Hello world!

Summer is winding down; the season’s end is most apparent to me in the shorter days, cooler nights, and dying cicadas… Actually, I’ve never noticed dying cicadas before now, but figured I just wasn’t around many trees before. I hope this is indeed a sign of shorter days and not some cicada epidemic.

For tonight’s impromptu supper we cut up a cantaloupe. Oh. My. God. It was so juicy, sweet, and refreshing. I gorged myself on that Rush Springs, Oklahoma, cantaloupe, along with some leftover watermelon, Christian Cheese’s red and black pepper cheddar, and a hot dog. Ever since Supper Sister Theresa’s post, hot dogs have been on the brain.

I love sprinkling a few granules of sea salt on the melons. Matt looks in horror as I do this, but it makes melon meat burst into juice as I chew it. Plus, I love the salty-sweetness!

On a more somber note, Bob, the Co-op president, notified all the members that Christian Cheese had about 5 feet of water in their facility after Tropical Storm Erin came through. Yes, we had a tropical storm in a land-locked state. Odd, isn’t it?

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